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Top Two Recommendations

Here are the top two recommendations to start taking advantage of all that the University has to offer.

1. The Fast Track Program will walk you through everything important to know before starting any social media marketing efforts. This series contains all the critical training steps that Top Coaches and social media experts view as priceless to anyone just starting out! Plus, it will help set your expectations for what you will need to do to be successful in promoting your business with social media.

2. Do you have a blog for your business? A blog is literally just another name for a website, but with a few extra features. If you do not yet have a blog, then you may want to read the article entitled, What Is So Critical About Having A Blog For Your Business? Find out more about our Exclusive BeachBody Blogging Service. All social media marketing efforts should revolve around your blog.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

For anyone that is already feeling overwhelmed, please remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We simply suggest starting in sequence as recommended above and you will see obvious benefits for your business from day one. In fact, we start you out with the things that you only have to do once, but will make the biggest difference with your business! And remember, if you ever get stuck or just have a question, simply Contact Customer Service or feel free to start a new thread within our Exclusive Facebook Group.

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